Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is what happens when i am not home

My friend QWP wrote about the interesting flavours that happen when you combine the wrong ingredients last week, and i laughed and laughed.

and then it happened to us this week.

I arrived at my parent's house from my housesitting gig for dinner last night and when we sat down for dinner my mom said "Let me tell you what I did to our dinner tonight."

Not exactly what you want to hear.

Apparently, she made a new hamburger recipe last night. Morrocan hamburgers, so they had morrocan spices, like cinnamon and cumin etc.

It also called for bulgur. She didn't have bulgur but she thought she had some couscous, and so she found the bag and added what was left.

We don't have any couscous in the house. We used it all up in a recipe for passover.

So, what did my mom add to our hamburgers you ask?

Coarse Sugar.

Which went really well with the cinnamon that was already in the hamburgers.

It was kinda like apple pie with hamburger meat. It wasn't bad, just kinda weird.

And nothing that a diabetic should have been eating!

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