Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No, you can't see my crawlspace!

There have been a few weird questions in the process of selling our house, maybe not always the questions themselves, but by whom, and how they have been asked. We even had a guy with a german accent come into our backyard when we were sitting around outside and yell "This house have basement?" at us.

But the most frustrating is the insistance that we must have a crawlspace somewhere, and people would like to see it. they want to see the condition of the floor joists and how the dirt floor has been treated.

We have no crawlspace. anywhere. most of our house is build on concrete slabs.

I can understand where they think we might have one. Our house is sidesplit-ish, in that the basement is only under the bedrooms, and you have to go up four steps to get upstairs, and down eight to get to the basement. having played for endless hours in the crawlspace at my best friend's sidesplit across the street, i understand that most sidesplits have a crawlspace. they also usually have at least two levels on each "side", basement and kitchen/living room on one side, garage/recroom and bedrooms on the other side. our other "side" is only one floor, with additions made onto the back of the house. And our other "side" is build entirely on concrete slabs. There might be space for a worm to crawl around underneath, but there are definitely no floor joists!

I remember the real estate agent asked about a crawlspace when she was looking at the house, and my parents gave some vague "not really" answer, likely because we have always called the cupboard under the basement stairs a "crawlspace". This is perhaps the source of confusion, since it is she that continues to send us questions about the crawlspace.

I never knew there could be so many questions about a feature that our house doesn't even have but people insist we must!

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