Friday, May 22, 2009


Things are weird around here. Very weird. Its starting to look like signs of something. What, I have no idea.

1. We have a skunk wandering around our backyard. It is 10 am, and we have a skunk wandering around, seemingly very contented with having the garden to himself. He is taking his time exploring. Sort of trotting around like Pepe Le Pew. We called the Humane Society, and since he is not acting weird other than being up past his bedtime, they suggested playing the radio really loudly. The station mom got doesn't really come through, so it sounds like we have the adults from Peanuts broadcasting really loudly in our house.

2. I found my way around Toronto without a map. In fact, I found my way to a movie theatre that I vaguely remembered the placement of from 3 years ago.

3. I saw a 3D movie. I was actually able to watch it! previous incarnations of 3D glasses with each lens a different colour never worked for me because of the way my eyes focus. The colours never blended properly and the picture just ended up looking like nothing. very annoying. so I saw Coraline, which was good, but made taking the subway a bit difficult afterward.

4. My brother agreed to go out to dinner with me. My brother never wants to do anything with just me. Especially in his Toronto! We also ordered food that involved sharing and he made sure I got my fair share even though I was slower than him. Plus he let me have another order of onion rings. Who was that nice man and how long can we keep him?

5. I am going to defend my thesis. In what world is C, the grand high ruler of Procrastination, done her thesis? what manner of trickery is this?

6. I still have no job. This was not part of the plan. I was supposed to finish my thesis and have a great job to show off at my defense! grrrrrr. kick in the ass for daring to have some vanity.

7. My parents are selling our house. We have lived here my entire life.

Ok, seven signs of the apocalypse. I just wish I knew what was comming. I really hope it is good.

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