Monday, June 8, 2009

Adventures with Wheezy

Guess who I got to look after this weekend?

These guys are, from top to bottom, fat-grey-and-white one, Stripy, grey one, and Wheezy.  A friend of ours fosters pregnant cats for the humane society, and this is the latest litter.  They just opened their eyes a few days ago.  They were looking much more like kittens by Sunday afternoon than the aliens with rudders they looked like on Thursday night.  They grow so fast it soon became apparent that Wheezy had a problem.

Wheezy and fat-grey-and-white one were identical on Thursday when i went to find out how to feed mama (no pictures of her, she was too busy eating).  Then, Friday night when i went to feed her, Wheezy was making a gurgly wheezing sound, like he had a hairball and didn't know how to get rid of it, or a throat full of mucous.  He didn't have quite as big a milk belly as his sibs either, which i soon discovered was because he had to come up for air a lot while nursing, and then Stripy would steal his nipple.  Bad Stripy!

Because he was still able to breathe, and able to nurse, i let him be.  the next morning, he was sitting at the end of the box, while his sibs were huddled at the other end.  He doesn't squawk when you pick him up, and if you put him down on the floor, he goes exploring, unlike his fat sibs, who scream if you pick them up, and head straight back into the box if you put them down on the floor.  So, even if he is sick, he is adventuresome.  I think he has enough gumption to survive.

I will leave you with some pics of fat-grey-and-white one, who was far to contented to move, and therefore much more photogenic:
Attack!  Get your own nap pile brother!
You are sooo jealous that i got to spend the weekend with baby kittens!  

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Anonymous said...

I AM soooo jealous!!! Cute little kittensies.