Friday, June 19, 2009


This evening my friend across the street called me up and asked me if I was interested in doing a Salsa lesson down at the park.

What's that? Salsa dancing lesson? In the old-timey bandstand in the park? Yes please!

it was a lot of fun, we would learn a few steps, practice them, and then the guy would turn the music on and we would do the little routine. It was partner stuff, so, of course, I ended up being a guy. I was pleased to see that there actually were quite a few guys, slightly more than half the couples had men in them.

they had just started when we arrived in the park, and it was pretty cool to run up the stairs to the bandstand and just start dancing (if we hadn't had to have instructions it would have been like a musical)

we left after an hour because we got tired, but the dancing was going to continue for another hour and a half.

we ruined any benefit we might have had from the dancing exercise by crossing the street and getting ice cream cones. mmmmm. caribou tracks and black cherry. mmmmm.

it was a good way to end off a friday!

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