Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One of my oldest friends, M, is getting married this weekend.

She is a friend from my neighbourhood that was never in the same school as me (except co-op preschool), but we liked alot of the same things, and so ended up in after-school activities together. Plus our mom's are friends, so it is hard not to keep in touch!

We were in dance classes together all through high-school, and even when I was sick and could barely move, M came by to pick me up for class anyway, no matter what, so I had to go and do what I could in class, even if I felt like hell.

But our main connection was, and still is, sewing. We were in sewing lessons for quite awhile, but only had lessons together for a few years. It is so much fun to have a friend who understands about sewing, and about making time for sewing, and who had the same teacher so has a similar take on sewing.

So of course, I am sewing her wedding present.

Except, I kindof forgot her wedding was so close. Like, on Saturday.

I bought the fabric today.

I realized it was so close at her shower last night, when we were laughing about how she is not nervous or stressed at all, and can't understand why her mother is. And then I realized her wedding was this weekend, and started getting stressed!

oh well, the project I am making should just take a day and a half, max, and I can get started tonight, so fingers crossed my sewing machine keeps working!

At least i have my dress and shoes for the wedding!

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