Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Morning After

My friend's wedding was awesome! This is not a story about it.
This is a story about the B&B where we stayed while at the wedding.

We stayed in a garage that had been converted into a guest cabin at a b&b. The hot tub and pool were right on the other side of one wall.

We got back from the wedding at 11:30pm and got ready for bed. as soon as our lights were out and we wanted to go to sleep, we heard vigourous sloshing from the direction of the hot tub outside.

That is right, someone was having sex in the hot tub.

We broke out in a fit of giggles, rolled over, closed our ears as best as possible, and hoped for a quick finish. I believe it went on for about half an hour.

The next morning, we were a bit late for breakfast, and so had to sit at the big dining table with a young couple. The young couple were in town for an antique car show, and had obviously had a good night out at the bars the night before, the boyfriend asking for large glasses of ice water with his breakfast.
The boyfriend started to complain about his back hurting and how he must have fallen at some point the night before. His girlfriend said, "No dear, you didn't fall." and left it at that.

The conversation took some turns and my mom ended up saying that we had come back from the wedding at around midnight. The girlfriend sat up straight, her eyes went wide, and she turned and looked at her boyfriend. He was confused and continued eating. and then complained about his back again a few minutes later. and asked the girlfriend if she had brought any Aleve. and wondered again what he had done to his back. His girlfriend looked decidedly uncomfortable, and grabbed his leg to try and make him stop talking.

As soon as we got back into our cabin my mom and i said in unison, "Oh it was soooooo them!"

and the best part?

He didn't even remember!

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