Friday, September 25, 2009

Instant Track Star

I have started a new job this week. It is fun, tiring, and gives me lots of time to surf the internet. Can you guess?

Probably not!

I am now a live-in nanny to my 1 year old second cousin. This is a temporary gig until I start MLIS in January. It works out perfectly, because I needed a short-term job, and my cousin only discovered she had to go back to work a few weeks beforehand, and so did not have enough time to work her way up the day-care waiting lists. They live in the next city over, so it is easier if I sleep here rather than try to beat the morning traffic to get here for 7:30 in my non-existant car. I have the whole walk-out basement to myself! I have a TV and a sewing machine in my bedroom and a walk-in closet! and a weird Hammacher Schlemmer alarm clock that wakes me up with a light and bird screeches every morning!

One of my friends from university also lives in this city, and has already invited me to join in her ladies night with her friends, so that will be something to look forward to next week. Plus she has a Wii, with Sports Resort, so I might just have to pop over there on occasion once I figure out the bus system here.

But the best part (or maybe the worst?...) is that my cousin and her husband are runners. That is actually how they met, at running group. So every Monday and Thursday night we all head out to the running store and meet up with the groups for a run. Her husband actually leads one of the groups, with the baby racing stroller and still makes it back first. My cousin is just getting back into running after having the baby, so she and I and a couple other ladies make our own group and run and walk at our own pace, which works out great for me, because I can keep up with them and not get lost in this new and totally confusing city.

On top of that, I take the baby out for a walk in the stroller every day, and there are a lot of hills in this neighbourhood! and a lot of trails, this subdivision was designed really well. it is so nice not to have to walk on concrete all the time, and to have access to little bits of nature, like ponds and creeks and forests.

Now I just have to find a compass and protractor set so I can make the templates for my dad's "Turtles in a Mudstorm" quilt, that will look something like this, but in browns and oranges, and I will have something fun to fill the nap-times.


Garry & Mari-Linn said...

Thought you didn't start till around my birthday?

C said...

nope, it was the 21st of september, not october.