Thursday, January 21, 2010

Better Butter

Last night I decided to make Better Butter*. My aunt has made it for years, and I am not really a fan, but it does mean that you can have spreadable butter right out of the fridge and not have to resort to margarine, which I hate. I know you can buy it now, I think they call it "spreadable butter", but it is so much nicer to know exactly what you are putting on your food.

So, I made it, and all seemed well, until I took the lid off the blender, and caught a whiff. It smelled slightly flowery.

I do not recall my aunt's ever smelling flowery.

In hindsight, I probably should have washed the blender first, it had been in storage for over a year and came from a neighbour before that, so who knows what has been in it, although the lid was on, and it wasn't dusty inside.

Also, I used olive oil, and I think my aunt just uses a vegetable oil, so that could account for the yellower colour as well as the flowery smell. I am really hoping that is it.

I haven't tried it yet, I am a little afraid to. I only made 1/2 cup of butter worth in any case, so it is not too much of a tragedy if it is inedible.

Hopefully someone will let you know if I die of suspiciously flowery Better Butter. Maybe they will put that in my tombstone.

*Better Butter recipe: equal parts softened butter (eg, 1lb of butter =2 cups) and some kind of vegetable oil (olive, canola, sunflower), blend in a blender until combined, put in a container with a lid and refrigerate.


Garry & Mari-Linn said...

The Aunty refered to only uses 1 1/3 cups of oil to 1 pound of butter, and she does uses olive oil in a clean blender. making it smell slightly olivey not flowery

C said...

yeah, i was wondering about that, there seemed to be some oil left on the top after blending, but it stirred in afterward. the smell could be olivey, its not exactly flowery, just plant-like? i will try it later on this evening and see how it tastes, it certainly smells less today after a day in the fridge. thanks aunt m-l!