Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dark Day

The power is out in my apartment. My basement apartment. With one window.

Ok, I guess I should clarify that it is really just the perimeter power that is out. The overhead lighting in my bedroom and kitchen still works, and thankfully the plug that the fridge is plugged into. But all the rest of the plugs are out as well as the bathroom. Which means that I had to plug in my alarm clock in the kitchen in order to get up in time for my 9am class.

Also, I can't have a shower because I can't see anything in the bathroom.

And it is cold and I have no place to plug in the space heater.

And it is dark and cold and stormy outside.

Could I please just go back to bed, where it is nice and warm and toasty under the feather duvet?


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Don't you have any candles yet? Get yourself a bag of candles (or a flashlight from whatever grocery store's nearest to you), woman! Set them up in your bathroom, and then you can have a shower!

C said...

I do have one candle, i guess I will have to get a flashlight tho, that sounds like a smart plan. also, i just located the breaker panel and discovered I had overloaded a circuit.