Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: Lighter Day

Ok, so apparently all the plugs in my room are on the same circuit, so having your laptop charging, printing off schoolwork, and running the space heater is ok, but don't try to boil water with the electric kettle as well. That is bad, and apparently overloads the circuit, causing it to break.

I was luckily able to easily locate the breaker panel when I got home today, and also easily found which circuit I was looking for, because it was the only one switched to off. So I flipped it back, and all is well!

Well, except perhaps my vanity, because I didn't see a mirror until break time, an hour and a half into class, and it was quite obvious that I had not looked in a mirror this morning. Also that I needed to have washed my hair. =sigh= Oh well, I don't think anyone had the impression that I was cool anyway.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

It's always the kettle that overloads the circuit. (Oh, the infamous kettle/microwave combination.)

We discovered that not only is the whole office on one circuit, but also the non-washer-and-dryer plugs in the laundry room/pantry. So, it's okay to have computers, lights and space heater all running, but when you plug the indoor grill in to that circuit (sitting it on top of the washer)? That knocks out the power. And that circuit board is in my landlords' garage (unlike the rest of the suite, which has a circuit board in our bedroom).

C said...

Oh, don't even get me started on the microwave! It cannot handle cooking an entire microwave dinner, and so just turns itself off with three minutes to go. Those crucial three minutes between barely defrosted and hot and yummy. You then have to wait 10-15 minutes until it decides to turn itself back on. I cook microwave dinners in the oven now.