Friday, January 29, 2010

Outlet: Moebius scarf

So, here is my new moebius scarf. I just finished crochet-ing it a few minutes ago. I had started one the first weekend I moved here, but I didn't have an internet connection then, so I did it wrong, but I got some slightly better instructions this afternoon and finally did it. As you can tell, it is in a net pattern, which means I only stitched every second stitch, so it was super fast and easy. Plus I really have no idea how it works, but I worked it in the round, from the centre outwards, which means that somehow, the outer edges are actually just one big circle, there is just one edge. It blows my mind and I shouldn't think about it too much.

If you want to make one, chain your first row however big around you want it (sorry, it is impossible to count mine now), then do one full row flat, like normal. This pattern is one double crochet every second stitch, with a chain stitch in between. Then, with your row on a flat surface in front of you, fold the top left corner over meet the bottom right corner, then flip the bottom left corner up to meet the top right corner, join the ends together, and start the next row, chain four, skip a stitch and make a double crochet in the bottom the second stitch. just keep going round and round, joining the ends of each row and chaining up to the next row until you are satisfied with how wide your scarf is.

anyway, the reason I was looking for patterns online today is that I am participating in a knit-a-thon to raise money for our Librarians Without Borders chapter next weekend. We are raising money to build a library in Costa Rica. Actually, we already raised the money to build it, this money is to put books inside the building once it is done. The knit-a-thon is for 6 hours nest Saturday, so I am trying to find enough to do, which is hard when I only like doing small projects. I was going to save this project, but I got going trying to figure out the online instructions, and got carried away.


Anonymous said...

That looks sooooo fantastic!! I'm not sure I could wrap my head around the directions, though.

C said...

yeah, you just gotta do it, and it happens, so weird, my mind is still reeling

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That so cool! I'll have to show Chris when he gets home.