Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This evening I went out for dinner and drinks with some of the girls from my program to celebrate some birthdays. It was a lot of fun.

One of the girls brought her boyfriend, but they only stayed for the dinner part. I am sure the poor guy felt very uncomfortable with all us girls, but he valiantly tried to participate in the conversation.

As soon as they left, it was amazing how quickly the conversation turned to girl stuff. Horror stories of the university dorm, how not to flash people in the locker room, boobs, birth control, periods, underwear, and more boobs. Fabulous!

It was a little weird being the oldest person at the table. The birthday girls were turning 23 and 25, and the other two were 22 and 27. I am more used to being the youngest in a group. Age didn't really seem to matter though, because no one was trying to tell anyone how to do something better, or taking a position of authority. The only thing that made me feel old was that I really don't care about flashing people in the locker room anymore.

It was really nice to just talk. I haven't done that with a group of girls in a long time.

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