Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Cheers for Canadian Women!

Wow! The Canadian female athletes are definitely owning the podium!

I got home from class tonight to see the medals being given to the women's hockey teams, and then watched the figure skating. Obviously no surprise in the Canadian women winning gold! The girl who won gold in figure skating certainly deserved it, and Joannie definitely earned her place on that podium. Those were some beautiful performances.

In my travels, I was surprised to discover that Canadian women are some of the strongest and self-possessed women in the world, because our culture allows us to be, and encourages us to be. It might not always feel like we have equality with men in all things, but we come the closest to having equality that I have seen, at least in what we are seen to be able to do and accomplish, and the pride we are allowed to take in that.*

It is nice to be able to show that to the world on our home ice and snow!

*I think the same is probably true of most of the US as well. North-America really kicks ass in this department.

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