Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Glasses Dilemma

I need new glasses.  New glasses are expensive.  I have expensive taste in glasses.

I have no money.

See the problem here?

now, the health insurance for grads at this university will pay $200, but that just covers the cost of some frames, not even the super expensive lenses!

Also, I am blind and living in a new city, so I have enlisted the help of a classmate who said she would come look at glasses with me this weekend.

Then, she suggested I look on because they have cheap glasses.  reaaallly cheap glasses compared with the stores I have been looking at.  all designer names and everything.

But, is it weird to order glasses online?  They say you have 30 days to return them if you are not satisfied, or they don't fit, or whatever, but it still seems strange to me.  what if I reaaaaally don't like them?  You know how they look really cool on the racks in the store, and then you try them on and they are horrifying?  or they hit your ears in the wrong place? or squeeze your temples?  these are things you just don't know until you get them in your hand!  granted, they have a webcam thing on the site where you can "try on" glasses, but they only have about a third of the styles that they carry that you can do this with.

but is it worth it when the final price is $117.00?  compared to the $400.00 the girl quoted me at Hakim.

I could get some prescription sunglasses too!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

I've been wondering this same thing for a while. I keep seeing their ads on the bus and thinking "We could really use glasses in this household." But it's so scary to buy glasses and not try them on. I apparently have no advice: only commiseration.

Anonymous said...

Why not try on the styles in a store and then order them online? - A

PattyG said...
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