Friday, March 5, 2010

Weirdness, thy name is library science

Yesterday, in research methods class, we had a guest lecturer talking about doing research on Second Life. 

He is conducting research and handing out surveys on Second Life.

Apparently, of the top occupations of people on Second Life, Librarian is only second to the porn industry.

Yeah, we're that weird.  At least some of us.

The class was pretty split between those who thought it was kind of cool, and were very interested in taking the distance ed course that occurs entirely on Second Life, and those who thought it was really creepy.

I am still kind of undecided.  I think it is kind of creepy, but then, I hated any kind of false face when i was a child.  I was even scared of Polkaroo.  I don't like people hiding who they are, putting on a different persona, being someone they aren't.  The world gets very precarious that way.  and there is a lot of weird stuff that goes on there too.  One of the girls who was taking the online course wandered where she shouldn't have been in Second Life, and her avatar was sexually assaulted.

But, I am fascinated by the fun and good things at go on there.  A friend of mine actually conducted a concert of people playing in front of their computers on Second Life once.  The guy who spoke to us does his research on storytelling in Second Life, like story circles and stuff.

Oh well, I probably won't even have time in my course schedule to take that course if it is even offered when I am here, so I suppose it is a moot point.

But let's face it.  The creepiness factor is sooooo going to win out!


Anonymous said...

That is some scary stuff.

Lynmara said...

How is that even an OPTION in second life? That's terrifying.

And you're so right, there's been a lot of talk in my library school about Second Life too. Weird.

C said...

at one point the quebecoise in our class asked her friends why everyone was laughing, "this is funny?" "no, well, its funny in a creepy, nervous kind of way." (this was not about the assault, that was met with horrified shock)

apparently, the makers of the program can block people for abuse of the system, or for any semblance of child porn, but there isn't much they can do about an assault on an avatar. if it had happened on our university's island, the university could block that avatar from coming back on the island, but that is about it.