Friday, March 12, 2010

The great glass dilemma

I need new glasses.  I haven't bought new glasses since 2006.

I was already starting to get antsy about not liking my current frames anymore, and then I have been having eye problems and headache issues, so I went to the optometrist, and discovered I need a new prescription.

This started "the great glasses hunt" of 2010.

It always takes me awhile to find glasses I like, because I am particular, and I know that I will be wearing them for awhile.  I have only owned four pairs of glasses over the 15 years that I have had to wear them.

The hunt started while I waited for my mom to pick me up from the optometrist, they had some very cool styles, but we ran out of time.

Then, we went to Hakim up the street from me in London, and all they had was crap.  And ugly crap at that.

Then, I was on my own.  I went looking in the local mall, and I found some nice frames at one shop, but quickly decided that being blind, and going looking for glasses on my own was a bad idea.  Well, ok, the decision was made for me when I had to get so close to the mirror in the store to see myself that I bumped my nose and left a smudge.

So then, I had to find someone to shop with.  Someone who understood glasses, and the desire to have funky ones in awesome colours.  I asked a girl that I talk to from my course who, it turns out, has three different pairs of glasses on the go at the moment.  We combined the trip with a general shopping day, and topped it off by going to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D with some other girls.  It was a successful trip, even though the store was packed, but the pair that I had really liked from the first time was only there in a different colour combo, so it had to be ordered in the colours I wanted, but we were pretty sure that those were the right glasses for me.

I went back today because they told me the glasses were in, with a different friend, because the first girl was sick.  So I tried on the frames, and my friend instantly agreed that they were perfect.  Then I turned around and told the saleswoman that I wanted them, and she said "Good, so what is your other pair going to be?  They are 2 for 1 you know."  Oh no, I did not know, the store was packed on the weekend, and so someone had failed to mention it (namely her, since it was the same saleslady).

What do I do now?  I had tried on almost every pair of glasses in the store on the weekend, and no other ones even came close!  Luckily, since we were the only ones there, the woman actually had the time to help us, and she suggested some of the designer frames in the centre, that I hadn't even bothered with before.  The second ones she pulled out were fabulous, so I went with those.

So I should have two new pairs of glasses on wednesday!  One funky red pair with lime green on the inside, and they have magnetic clip-on sunglasses; and one slightly more business-like pair that are brown, but have a light stripe down the arms.  My friend said "they are calmer that the other ones.  They can be our job interview glasses."

Don't worry guys, I will post pictures when I get them.  Because they will be fabulous!

Now my dilemma will be deciding which ones to wear each day!

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