Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bad Day! Bad!

Arg!  Today was not a good day!

I had far too much work to do and not enough time to do it in so I was anxious all day.

It started with a class about i have no idea what, that none of us had had time to do the readings for, which somehow morphed into some woman in the class talking about changing the world through the ethical guidelines for libraries.  And one day every child shall have a rainbow to sleep on and a unicorn for a pet.  I was totally not in the mood and had to try really hard not to storm out of the class or punch her in the face.  The only high point is that the prof actually liked something i said and kept on referring to it, and then I got to prove him wrong about something and the whole class backed me up!

And then I got to go deal with a prof who accused me of cheating on an assignment because five of us got the same wrong answer (totally did not cheat, just happened to get the same answer as five other people because it is right, but the prof doesn't know enough stats to say so, or explain to me how it is wrong, because I was right!)

Then I spent from 1pm-6pm editing a group assignment.  Damned thing is 20 pages long and written by five different people, so yeah, took awhile. bah!

And whenever I got up to stretch or ask one of my group members a question, other kids from my class would say, "What are you working on?  theory?  cataloging?  online searching?"  and I would say, "No, I haven't even gotten to those yet, I'm still editing research methods!"  and getting more and more worried about the amount of work I have left to do.  Far, far too much work.  And only a week to do it in!


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