Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tainted Victory

I have never pulled a april fools joke before.  Or any kind of prank really.  But this morning when I woke up, I thought, "This is my year!  I am going to do it this year!"

I even had the perfect idea.  This is course registration week for my program, and we have all been posting our course selections in our facebook status.  So, even though last night I cheerfully posted my course selection, this is what I posted this morning:

Last night after I registered I really thought about things, and decided I don't want to be doing this any more. I have unregistered, and I am not quite sure if I will be coming back to London after this weekend.

I am not exactly sure what response I was hoping for.  I hadn't really thought it through past "this would be a perfect april fools joke!"

The first response I got was from G who said "really?  are you ok?", so I immediately set up a chat with her to let her know it was an april fools joke and i was fine.  Before she answered though, the next response came in from another girl that said "is this an april fools joke?"

So that was the end, but I was fine with that.  until the next response that came from a guy in our class who is a friend of G's

"Burn.On.You. G, that will teach you to care about people in public!"

Noooooo!  That was not my intention at alll!!!  I would never want someone to feel that way! People have made me feel that way my entire life and I know how horrible it is for people to laugh at you for a normal human reaction of concern.  All of my friends (and "friends") have always called me gullible my entire life, but when I tried to be skeptical, they always got offended and ostracized me for not showing concern for someone's completely unbelievable problem.  Damned if you do, and double damned if you don't.  So then I thought about the whole joke and realized that that was the kind of joke it was, and how horrible it was to have made someone feel that way.  So I started apologizing profusely on facebook, but G and the guy both said that I had got her fair and square and shouldn't be apologizing.  

Then in class tonight, the guy sat next to me, and I said "you didn't have to be so mean to her!"  and he said, "what?  i am not the one who made a joke so they could laugh at people. and you got her fair and square"  "That wasn't my intention," i said in a small voice.  "Well, anyway, G and me are buddies, and she can take some ribbing."  but i had apologized to her in person a little earlier, and she was ok with it,  and said I shouldn't apologize, but I could tell she was still feeling kind of stupid for being a gullible person.

arg!  So, I guess the joke is really on me!  April Fools pulled a whopping good prank on me by convincing me that it would be a fun thing to do.  And even worse, people were congratulating me on a good joke in class.  

Never Again!  

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