Tuesday, October 7, 2008

baby snatching!

My mother loves to steal babies. She is that woman who takes the squealing baby from the frazzled mother at church and bounces him around until he falls asleep. She is also the woman who held onto my cousin Eric's baby son Ethan for a really long time because "she didn't know when she might get to do this again" with a very pointed look at me and my brother, but mostly at me. And of course the fact that Baby E and Co. live in Tennessee, and therefore we only see them at Christmas and once in the summer.

Now my cousin Steph, who lives just over in the next city, has had a beautiful baby boy, Andrew Taylor, who was born September 17, 2008. She has had a very long recovery from the delivery, so today was the first time she felt up to really going anywhere other thatn doctors, so she brought Andrew over to have a visit with me and my mom. I have warned her all through her pregnancy that mom is a baby stealer, and she was actually a little worried when mom kept on saying she "couldn't wait to squeeze him", so when she was getting out of her car at our place i ran out and said, "let the baby stealing commence!"

And it did, I don't think she held him again until right before she left and he needed to be breastfed. 4 hours of baby snatching! of course, it wasn't all mom. I got him right after the first bottle and diaper change was done, and he promptly spewed all down my front. I had to change my shirt and my bra, and try really hard not to puke myself. After a quick change for both of us, we settled in for a long nap and the rest of the bottle. Which is where my mom got this picture. Isn't he sweet? he still has a bit of that new baby alien look, but he is only 3 weeks old, so its allowed. his grandpa thinks he is the most beautiful baby ever.

It was a great afternoon, I will have to go over and visit them again soon. I am so glad I am back in Ontario to see him. I would miss so much just comming in at christmas and then not seeing him again till the summer. I was happy to find that all my babysitting baby skills came back and I was able to feed him and change him (yup, I got the poopy diaper, but they used really cool cloth ones from a diaper service, so it was kinda fun to change him)

anyway, this is a long post, like all of mine seem to be, so I will finish by saying she loved the diaper bag I made her, and couldn't wait to get home to put everything away in it. she of course took one look at the bag and said, again, "are you sure you are going into the right field?"

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