Friday, March 13, 2009



I have a job interview.

on wednesday.

i have never had a job interview before.


you'd think i would have realized that this is a logical progression of putting in job applications. that i would be expecting this. that i might be a little prepared.

but no.

this is the part that i was blocking out so that i would actually put in those job applications. this is the part i am not good at. when i meet new people i like to listen to them and figure out the lay of the land first before i open my mouth. those who have been in a class with me know that it takes almost an entire semester before i will talk in class. now i have to give them a five minute presentation about myself. likely some of the interview will be in french too.

i also have this thing where i want them to have the best person for the job. i feel guilty about taking up their time because i am just a masters student, and i can't even really do that right. i know i can do the job, but what if there was someone better?



Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm not much help with job interviews, because the only interview I've ever had was for a job as a carnie (well, a ticket vendor at the carnival) and I tore my toenail off under the door just as I walked in, and so most of my interview was "I'M BLEEEDING! DO YOU HAVE A BANDAID?" (I got the job. That's how carnies roll.)

But I have one thing you need to keep in mind: C[firstname] [middlename] [Lastname], you are the best person for this job. You are brilliant and personable, and do well at everything you do. You deserve this job and you'd be a good person for them. You need to keep that at the front of your mind.

C said...

thanks QWP! i needed that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl. You've no reason to be scared, and every reason to be excited! Wow, a real job.... you are heading out into the real world... becoming a real person... ok so that is super scary (hence why I'm still in school). But you'll do great. and if you need some more motivation, read Dr. Suess "Oh the places you'll go" again.
And remember if all else fails we can always start a company where we set up and run people's monopoly birthday parties....

All the best for the interview.
Star Dr.