Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's soooo not the dog

Last night I was dreaming about two people sitting at opposite sides of a table writing. I was both one of the people writing and a person watching the two people. When I was watching, I was annoyed, and looking out the window, only glancing back occasionally, like I was on the lookout.

Then the other person got up and left the table abruptly, leaving his pen rocking on the table.

It kept getting louder and louder.

I got annoyed and told the other person to pick up the pen, but it just kept getting louder.

I woke up.

And realized that the mousetrap under my bathroom sink had finally caught something which was wildly fighting for its life, flopping around in the trap.

Why can't I be awoken from my dreams by a dog licking my face like on TV?

PS, got home and my landlady says "I couldn't find the mouse, our son must have gotten it already." 5 minutes later, her husband comes downstairs and says, "Our son did not get the mouse, so fingers crossed its still there!"

It was. Phew!

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